The nation’s premier network for high-quality specialty surgery.

About Us

Our Focus

The framework for performance

Encompass, Specialty Surgical Management, is a company focused exclusively on the delivery of high quality, cost effective, surgical outcomes to workers’ compensation payers. Through the integration of surgical episode of care administration, patient scheduling and coordination, payment processing and outcome evaluation in the Ambulatory Surgical Center setting, Encompass has revolutionized the way workers’ compensation payers, physicians and Ambulatory Surgical Centers administer surgical care. Developed by a team of Ambulatory Surgical Center network experts, Encompass enhances payers’ ability to manage cost and surgical outcomes by directing eligible surgical candidates to the most qualified physicians early in the care continuum. Using data, analytics and quality metrics, Encompass streamlines the process. The result—the industry’s first surgical management organization that delivers cost effective, patient-focused, quality outcomes in the Ambulatory Surgical Center setting.

The Problem

Poor data, lack of surgical site of care performance and heavy administrative burden

With the economy steadily rebounding, rates of surgical intervention related to workers’ compensation injuries continue to rise. The complexity of state regulations, wide variability of authorization requirements, usual and customary based reimbursement methodologies, and the lack of conventional network access, leave payers unnecessarily burdened with a disproportionate amount of medical spend related to surgical intervention.

What Sets Encompass Apart

Uniting industry experience with innovative thinking

Encompass is built on the idea that better outcomes, quality care and administrative ease of burden requires a profound understanding of the unique nuances between administration, surgeons and site-of-care dynamics. Encompass, a surgical management and administration organization does just that with a team that draws on its deep understanding and experience in the Ambulatory Surgical Center industry where it counts; clinical expertise, surgical data and analytics management, cost containment, patient satisfaction and the appreciation for the intricate worlds of the surgeon, Ambulatory Surgical Center and workers’ compensation payer.